Angular2 Debt Calculator Screenshot

My Angular Debt Calculator

Published: 27th November 2017

This is an Angular2 debt calculator which I built as a learning project with help from the Angular-CLI. The calculator will accept multiple debts (provided each debt amount, monthly payments and term or APR) and display the total debt, total monthly payments, cost of the credit borrowed and the total time to repay based on current debt and payments.

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CSS 3D Photo Canvas Mock-up

CSS 3D Picture Canvas Mockup

Published: 19th January 2017

I built this photo canvas mock-up using just HTML and CSS, the CodePen demo is styled using SCSS and uses variables to define the image url, canvas dimensions, depth and frame type.

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Coding Accessible Checkbox Inputs

How I build accessible checkboxes

Published: 12th July 2016

Using some common HTML tags and CSS3 pseudo-class selectors we can create accessible checkbox and radio inputs which don’t require a mouse to interact with.

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JavaScript Logo

Vanilla JavaScript functions

Published: 20th April 2016

When I built my WordPress theme I decided to ditch jQuery and replace my basic functions with vanilla JavaScript, Ive listed my vanilla JS functions below (with demos). If you’re thinking of ditching jQuery then hopefully you’ll find them useful.

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