Git and Windows

Installing Git and Cloning a Repository to Windows (3-steps)

This blog post was written by and published 7th October 2016.

This is a quick 3-step guide explaining how to install the Git SCM to Windows and then clone a GitHub repository to your local folder.

Step 1: Download Git

Download Git for windows from: and run through the installer.

Check Git was installed

Open Command Prompt and check git installed by typing: git –version
You should see a console message saying something like: git version

Step 2: Setup working directory

Once you have git installed
Using Command Prompt navigate directory to folder you want clone git repository to: cd YourFolderLocation/YourFolder

Step 3: Clone your repository

Clone your repository: git clone

Get around firewall settings

If you’re working from behind a firewall you may need to update the Git proxy config.

Get proxy information

To find out the proxy settings on Windows go to Start Menu > Control Panel > Network and Internet > Internet Options > Connections > LAN Settings > Proxy Server shows Address and Port.

Update Git proxy config settings

Update git config to include your proxy settings: git config –global http.proxy http://YourUsername:YourPassword@Your.Proxy.Address:PortNumber

Try cloning your repository again.

Your ready to edit

Navigate to your directory and you should have a new folder with your repository inside.