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Website Quote Calculator

Get a web design and development quote through my simple calculator, if you're unsure of anything or you have a complex request please email me for a custom quote.

Do you need your site designing? If you already have a design then I can build the website from this, otherwise Ill provide a custom design based on your requirements.

Please let me know whether or not you need your website designing

Do you need e-commerce functionality? If you're planning on selling anything through your website then you'll need an e-commerce solution to handle payments securely, manage products / stock and provide customers with a pleasant shopping experience.

Please let me know whether or not you want your website to include ecommerce functionality

Do you need a blog? Many sites use blogs to keep customers up to date and they're a great way to keep your site fresh with company news, events, deals and topics related to your industry.

Please let me know whether or not would like a blog on your website

It is common for basic websites to have between 3-6 pages, medium sized websites to have between 6-10 and complex websites to have 10+ pages. Note: Blog pages are not included in the number of pages you select

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